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June 05, 2008


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Woohoo! Congrats on being published in CARDS, and thanks for the blog candy offer! My favorite summertime drink is an Arnold Palmer (half Iced Tea and half Lemonade). YUMMM!


Very cool! Okay...I would have to say Sangria! ;0)


okay...since I subscribe through Google Reader...Iced Tea is always a must around this house!! :0)


Am I really #1??!?! Is that worth a prize?!? Seriously- love the blog - visit you daily. My favorite also happens to be raspberry lemonade! Either that or Mountain Dew but I drink that year round!

Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!

Jill Dunn

How fun! Good job on being published! I recently started to use Google Reader--(about 3 days ago and I can't believe I waited this long!lLove it!) and your blog is on there. I love seeing what you have to share!

Cathy Brown

Congratulations on reaching 50K! Thanks for your beautiful inspiration on your site. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for a chance at some blog-candy. :)

connie carpenter macko

BEER! nothing like an icy cold one my dear!

connie carpenter macko

and in honor of my lovely googlereader participation how about a back up frozen classic margarita with my good friend Jose Quervo ?!

(Nice... shoulda said ice tea - your other readers will think I'm a lush!)


Oh, I'm with you on the raspberry lemonade - though strawberry lemonade is also refreshing. Congrats on being published!


Congrats on all the happy news - your anniversary, 50K hits, being published! Lots to celebrate! My favorite summer drink is half ice tea/half lemonade. There is a name for that but i can't think of it right now! That's very summer to me! Thanks!

kimberlee fiskateer #2494

I LOVE DD iced coffee!!!!

kimberlee fiskateer #2494

(Subscribed reader) :) I can't say anything about candy from ya, but Tammy you did really great about getting the IO stamped images to me! I didn't even think you forgot about me! (Although I did forget about the request/offer myself!) :P
I can't wait to see your published cards!!!! Tell me what pages so I can sneak a peek the next time I'm at the big A.


Woohoo!!! Congrats congrat and congrats!!! :)
I love mint lemonade! Yummy!!!


Here's my 2nd comment (google reader subscriber). Raspberry lemonade sounds yummy too! Never had it though..


Congratulations on getting published. A job well done for sure!
I will have to say my favorite thing to drink in the summer time is our good old well water. Nothing more refreshing to me!



Oh, I am so glad for your being published! And your 50,000 hits! My favorite drink is my own homemade iced tea, and I do drink it year-round. Has to have fresh lemons and lots of ice! Aaaahhhh!

Jenn B.

Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate! My favorite summer drink is strawberry lemonade. I am ready for a glass right now as it will be 99 here in NC!

Jayne Kroh

Congratulations! I know why you have all those hits, though. Your blog is great. I love it. My favorite summer drink is mango iced tea. Thanks for this opportunity.

Jayne Kroh

2nd post since I'm a subscriber, my favorite drink is diet Dr. Pepper. Okay, I know that I can't have two favorites, but I go around with a glass of something all the time and it's hard to choose. Thanks again.


Congrats on being published! My favorite drink is always Dr. Pepper, but my favorite summer drink is peach tea.

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk)

WooHoo ... I'm so proud of you for being "published" ... this is a GREAT give away idea!! My favorite summer time drink ... hmmm ... Bahama Mama over ice ... yummmmm. Refreshing but with a "kick". Of course I only drink this on my back deck after my work is all done!!! thanks Tammy!


My favorite drink, summer or winter, is iced tea. So refreshing. Fresh lemon is a necessity.


Yes the weather is very sticky and hot here in northeast Ohio. So today, I'll be gulping down my second favorite summer drink, and that is Raspbery Iced Tea.

Keep cool,


I want, I want, I want!!! It is very hot here in Northeast Ohio, and sticky humid to very favorite summer drink is good old-fashioned southern Sweet Tea. The only restaurant, in the north, that remotely resembles the genuine stuff is McDonald's Sweet Tea. I'm going to try and keep cool this weekend, have a great weekend all.

Deidre Mooney

My favorite summer drink has to be a margarita! Thanks..Deidre

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