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June 05, 2008


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Deidre Mooney

So my second choice would be a mojito! I just had a raspberry one last week and it was delicious...and no I am not an alcoholic. I am lucky if I have one a week!!! Trust me with twin 3 year olds I need it!!! Deidre

Mary Dawn

iced tea, hands down....nothing cools me off quicker or quenches my thirst better

Denise G

I love CARDS! I always drool over each issue at the store!

My favorite drink is shaved ice with a light amount of cherry flavoring.

Love your blog!
Denise G

Denise G

I subscribe by my feeder.... love that thing.

My second favorite summer drink is a java chiller from sonic. Yummy.

Denise G


Congrats on being published!!!! And the 50,000 post milestone!!

My favorite summer drink is iced tea. Homemade lemonade comes in second :)


2nd entry for me -- I also love flavored seltzer water with ice. No calories but refreshing!

Amanda Teel

Good ole' fashion lemonade!

Debra E

Hmm...I don't have one particular favorite, but I do drink quite a bit of iced tea. I love sour apple margaritas, but I haven't had one in years.

Dana J

How cool Tammy! I'd love to see the card in there!

Holly Murphy

My favorite summer drink is water with lemon :o)


My favorite drink in the summer is good ole fashioned Lemon Aide


Gotta be raspberry iced tea . . . or a nice, slushy pina colada!


Congrats on the hits. I am a subscriber and I check your blog every day.
I would love to win this magazine, I can't seem to find it anywhere to buy.


Ooopps, I forgot to add my fav drink for the summer is Iced Tea.


Hi Tammy! Love your blog, and am so happy to hear you've hit a big milestone!! Congrats on the hits and also on having such a wonderful blog!! My favorite summer drink is iced tea with lemon wedges and lots of ice!! Hey, it's hot in central Iowa and plenty WET, too, after all the rain we've been getting!! Thanks for a chance to win!


Here is my second comment, and again, congrats on hitting a milestone!! My second favorite drink in the summer is my homemade raspberry iced tea, when I have the time to get it made!! Thanks again for a chance to win blog candy!!

Kate Stockman

The best summer drink at our house is a COLD glass of Sun Tea. I can't keep enough cold, I make it by the gallon.


My all time fav' drink during the summer (which is pretty much all year 'round here) is a cool Strawberry Smoothie....during the day. In the evening, I like it a bit stronger and it becomes a Strawberry Daiquiri. I'm always smiling!! Love reading your blog daily and love your creations. Happy Anniversary*****


congrats on being published!!! my favorite summer drink is iced blueberry white tea at starbucks.


i subscribe to you through Google Reader. here's my 2nd comment!


Summer is here at long last.......... nothing better than a jug of Pimms whilst relaxing in the garden


I love lemonade in the summer!

Susan H

My favorite WI summer drink is good, old, ice cold water...boring but quenches my thirst.


Ice Cold Diet Pepsi or Ice Cold Beer!!! A little sun tea too! Thanks Cynthia

becky SCS belledancr

i really like the fresh squeeze lemonade at the fairs...tart but sweet too! of course, you gotta have the funnel cake to go with is ALWAYS sold as a combo isn't it???

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