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June 05, 2008


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becky SCS belledancr

i really like the fresh squeeze lemonade at the fairs...tart but sweet too! of course, you gotta have the funnel cake to go with is ALWAYS sold as a combo isn't it???

Patty E.

My favorite adult summer drink is blue raspberry vodka with tastes like a blue popsicle :)


Rasberry ice tea! I could drink gallons of it. As a matter of fact I'm drinking some right now. Congrats on being published and congrats on your 50,000 hits. Great job and thank you.

cindy royal

I would love to see that magazine! My favorite drink period is any diet soda... any, doesn't matter brand or flavor.. I mix it up all the time depending upon what is on sale. Even all the various different diet cola's taste different and offer variety.

cindy royal

posting a second since I'm a google reader of your blog. Seriously, when its hot and humid, water is my drink of choice, the colder the better.


Congrats on getting pub'd!!! Woo Hoo!!!
Fav drink: raspberry lemonade from Quiznos!!

Sue D

Congrats on being published. My favorite summertime drink is lemonade.

Sue D

This is my second post since I subscribe to your blog. My second favorite drink is iced tea--plain.


Congratulations to you! My favorite summer drink is good old southern sweet iced tea!


I have two: non-alcoholic would be sweet tea from Arkansas; alcoholic would be Nellie's Punch from Haiti


My favorite summer drink during the day is a banana milkshake. In the evening I like a Jungle Juice cocktail at the cocktail bar in the neighbourhood (don't know the exact ingredients)
Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Linda Peterson

A big congratulations on getting published!!
My favorite refreshing drink is Crystal Light Raspberry Iced Tea.
Linda Peterson

Claudia F.

Congratulations, I love your blog. I also love a glass of cold iced tea.

michelle gall

my fave summer drink is a nice cold monster it gives me the energy to get all the work done onthe farm love your blog


Hi - Congratulations on the blog hits and the publication! My favorite summer treat is just plain ol' lemonade (has to be Crystal Light!); we only drink this during the summer! Take care ~ Jen

Stephanie Eisele

Congrats on being published and you upcoming blogaversary. I tried to see about subscribing, but can't find the link. I am also from NE Ohio. It is very hot already. I like to drink iced tea. regular, flavored or with a kick (add alcohal).


Congratulations on being published in Cards!!!!

My favourite summer drink is a margarita... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Although today, it's so chilly here that I could use a hot chocolate!


ooh I would love to win this magazine, I always drool at these books at the store. Anyway, my favorite drink is Diet Coke. I know its not glamorous, but I just love it. I drink way too much of it... lol.

Thanks for the opportunity.


I am a subscriber too... so here is my second post.


Lemomade. Blog Trafficker. ;)

Anja de Regt

All that big news!!
I love to visit your blog, and oh my favourite summer drink is a diet Pepsi, isn't that boring?
Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

Rachel Hope

hmmmmm, favorite summer drink....Mojitos for a little fun and Sun Tea for the sober times. :)

Congrats on the pub

Julia Davis

A nice cold Corona Light with a lime and friends is my favorite summer drink!

Leesa Berry

I love several refreshing ice teas; One tea you can purchase from Starbucks or Target and it is called Tazo passion. It is wonderful brewed then mixed with lemonade and iced. The other two favorite ice teas are Chili's blackberry and Mango ice teas!
The heat wave has it us here in the south. Stay cool! Congrats on getting published!

Barbara Anders

Second post for me. The answer is still iced tea with lemonade coming in a close second. Thanks for the chance to win this magazine!

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