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June 27, 2008


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Alexandra Hobson

I think your blog is FABULOUS Tammy - don't worry about unsubscribers, sometimes it does it all on its own!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


I'm not a scubscriber but I do check out your blog everyday. Thanks for all your work, for all you share with us.


Tammy....sometimes people leave because they have too many blogs.
I have unsubscribed to many after 6 months or so. That said I do keep the 'site' in my faves and go back once in awhile. Then all of a sudden I'll re-subscribe.
It's not a matter of not liking the blog, it's a matter of tooooooo many coming in everyday. My 'take' on it.

CherylQuilts at SCS

Ah, I LOVE your work...and enjoy reading your blog. Sometimes people just get too much email and need to pare down. I've had to unsubscribe to some, but I almost always end up visiting periodically too. I keep a list of my favorite blogs in a Word document and open it and visit all at once. With the ton of email we all get, sometimes we just need to reduce it. Don't take it personally. I ALWAYS love seeing Stamp Happy arrive in my inbox! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations and LOVE of stamping! ';-)


Awwww! Your blog is awesome! I haven't subscribed, but I visit your blog every single day :D! Love everything you post!


Ditto on the previous comments about "too many blog subscriptions." I go overboard sometimes, then don't have time to read them all, so I let some go. It comes down to matching my style and what I am likely to use. I can admire immensely what the current trend is, but am I likely to do it myself? I bookmark the ones I let go, and visit them when I can. That said, I love your blog, and always check out what you share as soon as I see Stamp Happy in my inbox. Thanks!


I love checking your blog Tammy! Sometimes I will unscubscribe to a blog just because Feebdblitz sends me the notice too late! I would rather have some of the blogs I read on my bookmarked list, that way I can check it and be more up to date.

kimmie kaye

I just found your blog. I can't imagine somone not liking your work, it is beautiful and inspiring.


Tammy -

I about laid down on the floor and died when my first "unsubscribe" to my blog came through a few weeks back. I tortured myself about it for days - "Wow, that card must have made someone mad!" or "Should I not have described that big fuzzy spider that scared me on my porch"??? But I have seen a lot of comments lately about how everyone's blog readers are full, so maybe it's inbox overload. I absolutely love your blog and I am POSITIVE no one unsubscribed because they didn't like it - maybe their husband did an intervention to get them off the computer!! God - I hope my Husband never thinks of that!!!!

Have a great weekend.


Sue Kment

Oh no need to worry! I unsubscribed to ALL my blogs in feedblitz, yahoo that I could add you to google reader...I can browse several hundred blogs in google reader in just a short time as before I had to open each email notification. Just because someone unsubscribes...does not mean they are leaving probably have more readers than you can ever imagine! Go Google Reader!!!


Hey, don't worry about unsubscribers. Sometimes it just means they're adding you to their Google Reader and don't need the email updates anymore!

Tammy, I have this happen as well. My thoughts is that more are subscribing through a reader such as Google. No sweat, love your blog and will continue to read it when time allows!


Tammy, I subscribe to a number of blogs, and have learned to zero in on the ones that really interest me...stampers that I resonate with and whose work I love. That necessarily means that some get "unsubscribed"...but also means that your blog readers are the gals that are "kindred spirits" of yours...that truly like your work and want to follow it regularly. Keep up the good work!


Tammy, I love your blog. Sometimes I unscribe to a blog because I have misintrepreted what the blog is about and it just doesn't suit my style of stamping. Nothing personal at all. So, don't take it as rejection of you.


Your blog is fabulous! I've unsubscribed from blogs in the past because I don't get the notice of an update until hours and hours after I've already checked the blog and seen the new post!

Deborah Golan

No worries Tammy! My perpective is not to take this blogging so serious, it is suppose to be fun and not a full time job keeping up with all the great blogs! I think some get overwhelmed with it all! Just relax and enjoy your blog and the faithful readers you do have! I adore your work and I have you in my reader. I visit as often as I can and I am always pleased with your splendid creations!
Take care, enjoy! Deb


Tammy, I know when I started following blogs I had them coming to me at all my email addresses. Then I discovered Google Reader and have them all in one neat place! I did unsubscribe on my email addresses and put them on my Google REader. Maybe that is what is happening.

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