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August 30, 2008


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I LOVE THIS CARD!! I've been wanting to try this technique and haven't had a chance yet. The paper you choose is now on my wish list.

Sorry to hear about your daughter. I'll definately keep her in my prayers!!!

Lynn Hayes

Tell your daughter to just keep hanging in there at this time in her life. A short story about by son that reminded me of what she is going though.....When he was a Freshman AND Soph. in high school he played football - acutally he sat on the bench!!!!!!! His Freshman year he played a total of 30 seconds - ALL YEAR! When he was a Junior, they changed coaches and he actually got to play a little. When he was a Senior he played every game and was even named Player of the Week AND made All District! Amazing! SO, tell heR to just keep her chin up and hang in there. I'll say a little prayer for her and just know things will get better.


Beautiful card Tammy!


Gorgeous card-love that technique!!!

As a former athlete and coach, I can totally relate to how you feel. Honestly, in this situation, I think that you have the right to call the coach and ask her straight out what is going on. Something is not adding up in this situation and she should explain herself and her decisions. Being a coach, I hate those calls, but if the coach refuses to talk to your daughter, the coach has only left that option available.
I will go on and on for you now... :) My DAD was my high school softball coach. I was the starting Varsity pitcher in 9th grade. When I was a senior, I didn't get to start every game. I was po'ed! But, he was having to give experience to the new pitcher, his future. It totally stunk and I shed a ton of tears. It was a good life lesson, looking back at it now.
I feel for you and your daughter. All the time and sacrifice and hard work. My heart aches for her, knowing EXACTLY how she feels!!! ((HUGS)) for both of you!!
Email me anytime and we can chat more!!!!!


This brings back memories. Your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Added your daughter and your family to my prayer list :). So sorry that you are all going through this trial, but I know that God is in the midst of every trial no matter how big or how small.

Your card is very pretty. I love the autumn colors of it and your stamping technique is really awesome too.

Praying that you all have an 'amazingly blessed' weekend together :)

Hugs to you all,

CherylQuilts at SCS

Your card is very pretty! Sorry to hear about your daughter, but I suggest she hang in and endure. It's very possible God is trying to build perseverence in her and perhaps some patience. Tough lessons when she is so good. But I'll pray for her...and you as you watch her deal with the situation. TFS!

Elaine M

Tammy - never be sorry for sharing a need. I head a 40+ person prayer group and sometimes they say they can't believe someone would ask prayer for a little thing - I tell them if it's important enough for someone to ask for prayer, then it's important enough for us to pray about it. I believe to God there are NO small prayer matters....we're His kids and He cares about every tiny detail of our lives. Just give your daughter lots of hugs and loving support (I know you already are). God can turn it around and change everything for her good.

Blessings to you (oh - as always, your card is fantastic!!!)
Elaine M

Carol P

I will definitely pray for your daughter...I went through the same thing with both of my daughters and I know how both of you feel. Encourage her to hang in there! When my daughters played you couldn't even get on the varsity team til you were a junior, no matter how good you were.

Julie Hughes

I will keep your daughter in my thoughts. As a former athlete, I went through something similar. My coach was a bumbling idiot, but I also didn't feel the right to ask to be put in. Eventually I got my playing time, started and played most games and ended up being, captain, but despite him! We never got back those games we lost because he didn't have his best team in. THat being said, years later I can see the same type of people as bosses, managers, supervisors, etc. It's hard to see it now, but a team is not much different than the professional world she'll be in. If she can succeed here, she will in the real world. The coping skills you help her learn will only help her.

Curt OBrien

I'll say 2 prayers. . .1 for your daughter to have faith in her self, and the 2nd prayer will be for the coach to pull her head out of her butt! Love the card by the way. Hug your daughter for me! Best, Curt

JoAnn Burnham

Love your card and your blog. My granddaughter has been playing volleyball since 5th grade and is a Junior this year, and on the varsity team. She does great and is one of the best players on the team, but went through a similar situation last year, but it worked out for her. I pray it all works out for your daughter and your family. Tell her to hang in there and not give up.

Judy (StampingQueenJAR)

Tammy, your card is just beautiful! I love all the different paper patterns!!

I will definitely say a prayer for your daughter. It is so frustrating when really GOOD talented people (who are usually also the nicest ones) are not able to share their talents in a way that can help others too. I hope and pray that the coach will soon take the time to listen to her, and also see that she is a great asset!

Alexandra Hobson

Your card is beautiful Tammy - love all that wonderful dp!!

Tell your daughter to hang in there!! As a parent, in this situation, I would call the coach and ask directly what the (*&^% is going on!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Michelle A

Tammy ~ Hugs to you and your daughter! It is so hard to "see" the light at the end of the tunnel at her age. I hope this all works for you guys!

Becky G

Tammy, this is absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous! I love all the rich color tones.
I will say a prayer for your daughter. I hope she sticks with it since she has such a talent and passion for it. I've dealt with this with my oldest and basketball. Sadly, she chose to give it up.

Hugs to you,


I absolutely adore your card!!

I'm sorry about your daughter, I understand the frustration. We had a similar situation that saw my son leave the football team he was on because the coach just played the same boys everytime. Standing on the side line every week was soul destroying. Coaches have a responsibility and sounds like your daughter's coach is not living up to his.

Mary G

Hi Tammy - Great card! I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is going thru such a touch time. Brings back memories for me (my girls are 32 and 29, so it's been awhile) Your daughter deserves a big hug and high-five for sticking it out!! She will certainly gain character from this :) It's always so hard to see them going thru these things. Definitely will say a prayer for her (and you!) :)

Mary G

Hi Tammy - Great card! I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is going thru such a touch time. Brings back memories for me (my girls are 32 and 29, so it's been awhile) Your daughter deserves a big hug and high-five for sticking it out!! She will certainly gain character from this :) It's always so hard to see them going thru these things. Definitely will say a prayer for her (and you!) :)


this card is simply stunning!


I just found your blog and this post. First of all, I LOVE this card and may use it for inspiration. Secondly, I hope that your daughter is feeling better about volleyball. You know, I have one of those children who is dying (from congenital heart defects) and I also have a nephew who is battling cancer... but both my sister and I know that when our healthy children have problems, even though they aren't life-threatening, they are still important. Every problem that each child has is important to us. Something I read recently has warmed my heart and that is that God wants us to pray to him for help with EVERYTHING. If something is important to us then it's important to Him! Isn't that cool? God loves us so much that He cares about everything we care about.

((hugs)) to you and your daughter. If you get a chance, please email me and let me know how she is doing. I hope her coach sees her talent and allows her to develop it.

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