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September 07, 2008


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Having to think the perfect present for everyone would stress me out! :)


This set is cute!
Major holiday stress: at the very end of the holidays, the idea of going back to school really gets me all antsy and worked up.

Beverly A

What stresses me most during the holidays is trying to find just what I want to buy each individual person on my shopping list. Thanks for sharing your talents with us on your blog and thanks too for this chance to win blog candy.


Christmas Day Dinner! I'm a decent cook but I didn't pay enough attention while my mom used to cook all day prepping for the family feast. While my stuffing, desserts and potatoes and stuff taste good, I can't duplicate my mom's just doesn't taste the same. And all the rest of the family agree. So every year I try a little variation to my stint in the kitchen and manage to screw up one dish that sits there untouched and pathetic looking. This is major stress....and every year I swear that 'next year' we'll be eating at a restaurant. Martha Stewart I ain't.

cathy tidwell

Oh I saw this the other night and thought how cute is that! Thank you so much for the chance to win, although #1 usually doesnt! But hey, couldnt sleep so Ima blogging! LOL! What stresses me the most is exactly what stresses you! I need to hit the lottery before too much longer and solve that stress problem! LOL!


I manage several medical practices with more than 25 employees and physicians. I struggle each year trying to come up with something unique to give as gifts. I made homemade apple butter for years but the number of people has grown so much now that giving even a 1/2 pint jar to each makes for way too much cooking and canning. Last year I gave every person a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies in hand stamped decorative bags and that was tons of work, too. Any ideas would be appreciated.


It stresses me out most because I leave presents till the last minute. Every year I am going to start earlier but never do. I love the new stamp sets.

Carol P

Christmas stresses! Figuring out what to buy that people will REALLY like and then finding time to GO buy them. Also, trying to figure out when to have the family Christmas Party when we have so many families to work around everybody's schedules.
Thanks for a chance to win.


I absolutely adore these mystery girl stamp sets and don't own any as yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

lindastamps at gmail dot com


Love this stamp set. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie L

Hi Tammy! This is such a great set. At Holiday time there is so much to do that I often miss savoring that special time myself. A blink of an eye, and I realize I forgot to watch "It's a Wonderful Life".

Pam Cole

I stress over finding the "perfect" gift. Sometimes that makes me shop around longer than I should, which then puts a crunch on my time. I used to always think everything had to be homemade as far as the food goodies that I served. I have learned to relax a bit in that area.


The most stressful for myself is...not having all of my family home at Christmas time...they have young I really understand what they are going through..thank you for the chance to win this cute stamp set.

Connie Watson

What I stresses me the MOST at Christmas-time...getting everything done in time!! Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day!!


I don't stress over the holidays. I love Christmas. I guess if I were to stress it would be over the fact that there does not seem to be enough time to get everything done that I want to do. They go on my "what to do early next year" list. LOL


Well the family is what usually stresses me out the most! My brother mostly (but don't tell him I said that! lol)

Thanks for the inspiration - that you give me all the time! As well as the blog award that I haven't answered yet! lol

But since I think I am the first, all I can say, does #1 ever win these things?!?!?!

Joyce Spear

I am disabled and housebound, and what stresses me the most over the holidays is not being able to get out and spend time with my dearest friends, most of whom live several states away. Because I'm not able to leave my house much and socialize with those few friends I do have in town, I celebrate mostly by sending out a lot of holiday cards. This makes the pre-holidays a lot of fun, but the holidays themselves are rather dreary because everyone's busy doing their own things. The stressor for me is finding a way to celebrate alone without getting down in the dumps. Thank goodness I have stamps to keep me busy!


Cute set great for coloring. Thanks Cynthia

Lois Bak

Tammy, what a wonderful bit of blog candy you are offering today. Thanks for your generosity. Sorry you're under the weather!


Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!


This stampset is ME!!!
DH has to work Christmas Eve so I have a tradition of wrapping presents after I get the kids in bed, and watch *It's a WONDERFUL LIFE*. Then I lie down for *just a second* and end up asleep. LOL!

The thing that stresses me out most about Christmas is the finances. Dh has a big family, (that doesn't like handmade gifts) and so we usually eat hot dogs and Mac and Cheese the last weeks until Christmas.

Thanks for the opportunity for the candy!! I love how Sharon is doing her celebration--very fun!!

Rosemary Lare

The thing that stresses me the most at Christmas is wanting to make gifts for people and not having enough time to do it.


What a cute holiday stamp set! Thanks for the chance to win! ---My stress during the holidays comes from beginning my shopping WAY to late. Every year I promise to do better!

Jessica G

My biggest stressor of the holidays is overextending myself -- my 'TO DO' list grows and grows because there's just so much I want to do!

Susan H.

Since we started drawing names a few years ago instead of buying for everyone my holilday season has been less stressful and much more fun. Getting the house all decorated is now my biggest stress.

Thanks for the chance to win!

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