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October 30, 2008


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Hehe! Fun way to learn all about your friends and their virtues and vices! Third time I've been tagged in just over a week! LOL! Thanks for sending some readers my way! I'm honored and flattered! :)


Hey Tammy!! Glad to get to know a few more things about you..
Your husband sounds aweseome and his card is too.
Have a great day!!


ROFL! on the addendum to #5, you're so bad!


Eeekkkkk!!! Tammy, you know I don't have any blogging skills!!! LOL! I'll have to see if this is something I can do??!!??


I knew we were kindred spirits. Diet Coke, hate housework, Hootie and Nickelback? All is good GF. I got called in to work, so while you are having a girls night out, I will be working. Have fun!


Oh, forgot to mention that I had breakfast for lunch and chocolate is a given here too. Now, I know what you are thinking.... The butt isn't that big but I do EAT my share of goodies. Did I tell you I baked a dbl. batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies after reading your blog this morning? (I think ate 1/2 the batch before baking them)

Toni K

Wow Tammy. We have a lot in common (except for the Diet Coke part). I received my blog candy and LOVE IT! Thank you so much! I can't wait to play!


thanks for playing!!
I have Nickelback in my iPod too!!!! I love stamping to it!!! :)

Pam Speidel

Thanks for the tag Tammy! I've enjoyed checking out the blog links for the other gals you tagged and spent a lot of time on your friend Kimberly's blog. WOW! You girls have SKILLS! :)

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