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October 15, 2008


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Jennifer Love

Wow! Congrats on the hits! I'm excited that I'm nearly at 10,000. LOL!

My favorite candy has and always will be Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Bonus if they are the pumpkin shaped ones. Oooh. I'm jonesing for one now!


My favourite candies to get when I was a kid were the small boxes of smarties. I still love smarties.

Lori Franklin

Candy Corn is my favorite! I only eat it at Halloween!
Love checking in on your blog!


Lori Franklin

Candy Corn is my favorite! I only eat it at Halloween!
Love checking in on your blog!



My favorite was the wax lips that you could only get at Halloween!


My favorite was reese's peanut butter cups, but I am with Eve I loved to wax lips and the wax skulls filled with liquids. Congrats on all those hits way to go. Thank you for the chance to win some great blog candy.


My favorite Halloween treat were (ARE) the mini size Almond Joy! candy bars



Tootsie Pops! Is that what they're called??? The suckers with the tootsie roll in the

Onward to 200K! We'll get you there before you know it ;-)

Harriet Skelly

I loved (and still do) anything chocolate - especially made by Hershey's!!

Glenda J

My favorite candy was chocolate covered marshmellows and candy corn. Thanks for all you share on your blog!


I love Candy Corn! My absolute fave! :)


anything chocolate!!! but, I never liked the off brand chocolate so I would trade those out with my younger brother he never knew what I was doing:) it's tough being the baby of the family! thanks so much for the chance to win

Carol P

When I was little we lived in a very small town and we didn't have the problem of kids from other towns coming in there to Trick-or-Treat so the people in our town used to get those little decorated bags and fill them with lots of different candy. I don't remember having a particular kind of candy I liked best.

Chris Franks

Snickers were always my favorite!

Karen from Ontario

My fav Halloween candy....chocolate bars! We felt so lucky to get them in our Halloween bag when I was a kid.


Hands down my favorite candy is Peanut Butter cups!!!

Congrats on all those hits!

Denise Wells

I love brach's brand candy corn! It is the only one that tastes right to me! I love this time of the year because they have the minature packages of them because I can not have that much candy corn at once then it stays fresher!

Congratulations on the hits!
Denise W

Linda Crowder

Whommmmmmmmmmmmp here it is, my entry! Thanks for the chance at great candy and I don't even have to say Trick or Treat. But I did when I was a kid in the 50's. We went to my granny's and aunt's houses and the neighbors only. Mom was safety minded even back then. My favorite of course was that my granny made Popcorn Balls. They were wonderfully sticky and messy and wrapped in WAX paper. no Saran wrap in those days. What fun! Linda Crowder


150,000! Wow! Congrats Tammy!

My favorite candy is the $100 Grand bar (I think they used to call them the $100,000 bar when I was younger). I like how it's crispy, carmelly, & chocolatey all in one.


I loved the chocolate stuff, too. I can't remember if I went after the little Snickers, Reese's, or M&M's first - it was ALL good!

Heather Lee-Reppen

My favorite were those orange and black wrapped peanut butter things that are kinda like taffy. Love them!


Tammy, thanks for the blog candy that you're giving away. I find myself eating candy corn this year, probably because it's not too messy :-)

Toni K

Congratulations! I just found your blog recently and I really enjoy it.
My favorite candy was anything with chocolate AND caramel. It still is!

Bev James

Congrats on so many hits! We lived in the country and didn't go trick or treating but my mom always had a party for the kids in the neighborhood and church. We would pull taffy, bob for apples, etc. but didn't wear a costume-great fun. So taffy and popcorn balls were out treats. From my kids goodie bags, I always like the Krackle bars.

Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

Kathy Hering

My favorite is Reese peanut butter cups...of course I haven't meet a candy bar I didn't

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