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December 03, 2008


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Thanks for a great inspiration, Tammy. I had "mass-produced" some cards earlier in the season for the Cards for a Cause program, but hadn't thought to do any for myself LOL. But I took your challenge to heart this afternoon and made 8 cards for Chanukah, which you can see in my gallery at SCS here;

Happy Holidays!


WOW!! mass production works well for you!! I love both of these. I'm super behind on my christmas cards. i might have to give this a try!!!!


These are just fabulous, Tammy!! Wonderfully inspiring! Thanks for sharing.


Tammy, LOVE both of these cards! They are both gorgeous! As soon as I have some time to finish my Christmas cards, I will be putting your plan to good use. I am shoulder deep in decorating my house and that is quite the job, lol! Takes me a whole week to get it all done working from morning till night :). I haven't even had time to visit my favorite blogs :(. Just taking a bit of a break to visit a few tonight before I get back to decorating.


Jenn S

Thanks for the motivation to get some done. Here they are


Tammy I love it! 8 cards in about an hour??? Girl I need to take pointers from you. I take days on just one card! Seriously I need to start making cards for next year NOW! LOL! I love all of the things you have shared this week. I am totally enjoying myself! Thanks for taking the time to post all of the goodies!


You are good! Fast and fabulous!


WOW Tammy!!!! Both cards are fabulous ... I love the way you broke the steps all down to pump out 8/12 cards at a time! .... Love how you clocked it too! Sheer inspiration!!!! Now I have NO excuse to send hand made cards to EVERYONE on my Christmas card list! :D

ps... love the color combos too! :D


Awesome cards. I send out so many cards I have dreaded sitting down and even getting started. I think I will try to make some tonight!

Susan (rainy)

Tammy, your cards are gorgeous!! I had some fun today and played along, too!


Awesome cards - I like the Color Throwdown one the best!!! I'll have to try a holiday card in those colors!!!

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Thanks for the great idea. I used all your ideas to create my Santa version. Please come over and see it here:
Happy Holidays

Kim S.

Tammmy your cards are beautiful. Thanks for the challenge. I've posted my cards on my blog. Here's the link to my post:


I love this easy and fast idea for mass-producing cards! They're lovely and a great way to de-stress when trying to get everything finished in time!
Here's the gift cards I made to meet the challenge!

Thanks for the great challenge!

Jill Haddad

Wonderful cards!!!! Love how quickly they go together. Here are mine for the challenge:

8 cards created from conception to finish in just under 55 minutes. It took 13 of those minutes to come up with the idea and gather supplies! LOL!


Sometimes you just need one special personal card for someone or some occasion. Earlier this year your Kitchen Sink teammate Angela Knopf and I decided that we would make 10 Christmas cards per month this year and we would have enought to sell and hand out this holiday season. I started ONE CARD AT A TIME, and quickly decided that in order to keep up, I needed to mass produce my cards. After all, if I am making one card, why not 10. Than I got the bright idea to make all the cuts just two more times and make 12 so I could sell two sets of 5 and still have two cards for my personal collection! I love mass productiona nd I have been doing it all year long ( or at least 8 months now). Your cards are beautiful, simple, and elegant. Thank you for sharing.

Jill Haddad

I added a link to this page on my blog. I was hoping my readers would come here and play along with the party. Hope you don't mind.


Wow, you made that look so easy! These are beautiful cards!

Something for you:


Love your cards, Tammy...especially the blue and white, with that gorgeous Inka bird!

Here's my "mass" of cards:


I didn't notice a timeline, so I hope it's not too late to share. I needed to make some Christmas cards to give to a friend. These were pretty easy to make. The hardest part was waiting for the ink to dry on the vellum. I was impatient so I used my heat tool to speed the process. Here they are: Thanks for the challenge!

Mary G

WOW, that blue card is really STUNNING! I wish I had seen this earlier, I would have definitely made these. Thanks for simplifying the whole certainly helps during this hectic time of year! wow! :)

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