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January 07, 2009


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Beautiful card Tammy.
I like the white background the best.


This is really beautiful! I am gonna have to give that sketch a try myself. :0)


Hi Tammy,

You are such an enabler... I want that stamp so baaaad!!! Please don't stop making cards with it.
I like the black background... I looked at both pics before I read your post and was wondering what the difference was between the two cards! It never registered that the background was the difference (duh!), but I immediately decided that I liked the one on the left. The black makes the colors look a lot richer.

JoAnn Burnhamj

I like the white background best. I think it may depend on the card, but for this one I like the white background best.


Tammy, this card is precious!!! I really like that stamp .

I like the white background better.


Great card, Tammy. I prefer the white seems to lighten up the mood of the card. Gotta ask you---what's a card buffet?

Bev J.

That is a really pretty card-I love the image and the colors used. I also like the white background-just a subtle difference.


This is just gorgeous. i just wish I had seen it yesterday BEFORE i placed an order at CHF. Maybe it's better I didn't though, at least for the checkbook!!
I like the white better. The card looks fresher, and brighter!!! :)

Janet Swofford

What a beautiful card! Beautiful colors and composition especially! I think I prefer the white background for this card. I think the black background overwhelms the card a bit. Thanks for sharing!


This is such a pretty card Tammy! I prefer the white background :). Have a great week!



GReat card - love the new banner! Can't decide...your photos actually make the black bg look good...when I try, it's too dark. Then again the white seems more clutter free...I know, I'm no help! The card is awesome though!!

Susan McMillen

Hi, Tammy. After reading your post, I quickly took a peek at the two pictures. The picture with the white background caught my eye first so I choose that one! And as everyone else said, the card is really cool!


Hi Tammy,
I like the black background, it really makes the colors in this card pop. White would do the same for other colors. I enjoy your inspiration each day! Have a great day!


This is just beautiful, Tammy!! Love those papers!


Hi Tammy,
I vote for the white background. I like black for all white cards but when there's color, I think the black "absorbs" it, if that makes sense.

Beautiful card, beautiful colors, Happy New Year!


I really love those flowers too...this is just gorgeous! That's a great sketch! I think the white background looks nicer...maybe it's just this card, but it's my preference. I think they make the cards look cleaner and brighter. It's gorgeous either way though!

Carol L

I agree with you that these flowers are gorgeous and I know I'd be using them quite often too! I never get tired of seeing anything you create cards with, so use whatever makes you happy.
I prefer the black background - it really showcases the colors on this card. Both photos look great however; I guess that's why there's chocolate and vanilla - a little something to please everyone:)


Fabulous! I like both backgrounds - just depends on the card... Like the white one for this card :-)

Lynne H

I like the white best. It illumines the inside of the card, showing more dimension.


I like the black. Thanks so much for the inspiration!! Have a fabulous day!! Blessings and Hugs!!

Char in So Cal

Hi Tammy!! LOVE the card you made for your friend :0) What a wonderful person you are!! I am sure that things will get better... they always do, don't they?!

It seems that white is the standard bg for most card pics... a white bg is clean looking while a black bg gives the pictured object more depth. I also believe it depends on the color of the cardstock and images as to what color bg works best. For this creation, I like your black bg. To me, it just seemed to make the card pop and it is easier to focus on the stamped/colored images.

Rubber Hugs from So Cal,



Gorgeous card! Love the layout and the flower image! I like the white BG for this card.


What a beautiful card, Tammy. I'm sorry your friend is going through a difficult time right now - I'm sure your beautiful card and note of encouragement will mean a lot to her.

Ann Lind

The black makes the colors sharper and the white gives a softer look. I think for this particular card the white is the nicest. I have noticed that a lot of blogs that are using the white backgrounds tend to use softer color schemes on their cards. Ann Lind

Kimberly Crawford

beautiful card!!! I love the flowers!!! :) Make more cards with them, especially if they are all as gorgeous as this one! :)

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