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January 25, 2009


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My theory on gingham is you can never go wrong with it :) I like the green ribbon better though. It's the one roll ribbon isn't it??? Am I right??? I think either are fine though, the green just seems to go better with the kraft.

Mary Dawn

i think i like the green better, but i'm with maria, you can't go wrong with gingham!

Stephanie Hargis

I personally like the black better. I feel like the black ribbon really pulls out the other black accents which, in my opinion, is needed. However, both look cute so you can't go wrong either way! Hehe! Good luck with your decision!


I like the green, the black felt a bit harsh. Will you tell us which one YOU like??

Rachel V.

Another vote for the black...Ditto everything Stephanie said. But they're both super cute!

Lana Edwards

I vote for the green but either is nice! I love gingham!!

Cathy D

I like the black ribbon, I think it goes better and shows up nicer than the green. The black ribbon matches your stamped images very nicely. To me the green ribbon and green dotted paper doesn't match at all, so maybe that is what makes me pick the black. Can't wait to see which one you pick.


Cute card! I think I like the green ribbon better.

Nancy J

I like the green better. The black just seemed wrong.... maybe too harsh or something? The green went beautifully with the green apple which was on the opposite side of the card as the knot. I think it was more balanced that way.

Which one do you like better?


The green brightens up the card an gives it a cheery look.


Put another vote down for the Green!


I like the green gingham better since it seems to go with the kraft and ends the row with a splash of green. I agree with the others who said that you can't go wrong with gingham. :)

Betty M

I like the green too!


I would have to vote for the green. The black makes my eye continue to follow the black clear off the card, where the green balances the right and left sides of the card and makes my eye continue to travel back and forth across the card. Also, with the black gingham it causes the black to dominate the card, while the green softens the overall look of the card, makes the yellow pop and become a resting place for the eye. Looking at the card after initial first impressions, the black gingham next to the black apple on the right end, along with the black sentiment, causes the eye to stay on the right side of the card instead of focusing on the entire card. Those three black elements together in one area brings most of the weight of the card to the right. If you were to trade places and move the last red apple to the green position and the green apple to the red position and use the black gingham there would be more balance. Or you could try moving only the sentiment over to the left green apple side so that black isn't dominating one side of the card. Anyway, it's a really cute card- love the layout!



I definitely like the green better. To me it matches the rest of the card better than the black. The black seems a little to harsh.

Bev J.

I like the green-just seems to go better with the apple theme. Cute cards either way. tfs

Laura Pryor

Definitely the green. It makes more sense to my eye for some reason! I like the embossing on the kraft by the way. it's a really modern detail!


I like the green, too! The black is fine, but the green just makes the card more fun & fresh! Cute card, BTW!


I like the green ribbon better, but since a fair number of people like the black ribbon perhaps you could take one spool of each and let the card maker decide which color to use.
I love your blog!


I like the black better. It ties in with the black ink.


I really like both of these but my first instinct was that i like the green better so that's what I will go with. Can't go wrong with gingham though. :)

Ann Lind

I like the green gingham better it picks up the green apple so it co-ordinates better. TFS Ann Lind

Cheryl Hirzel

I love the green best!


Count me in for the green, but hey! Whatever ribbon you ordered 2 spools of will eventually get used - we both know that:) Great cards Tammy!

Karen Q

I prefer the black. It makes the card pop more. You are going to tell us which is which aren't you?

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