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February 10, 2009


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That's funny! It is like they knew it was you. I had one that was an appropriate word for me the other day too, but I forgot what it was.

I dislike them too :( This weekend, I got one I couldn't read at all & even when I tried a new combination, it was still unreadable. What a pain!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk)

Isn't this funny! I had the same thing happen a week or so ago ... kind of spooky too ... like you said ... almost like it knows you!!

jules p

that is funny. i try to see if i can make other words sometimes. i know...too much time on my hands. :)

Bev J.

Yes, it was just for you. I dislike typing the letters; depends on how much time I have. Sometimes I just skip and go on to the next blog in my inbox-only so much time on my hands!


Great word to have gotten! - I actually like the word verification. I use it to keep my memory skills sharp. I try to just glance at the letters and then type in the box (from memory) what letters/numbers I think were there. Most of the time I get it right. I know a bit "weird" but that's me.


LOL!!! That is too funny!!!

Tammy, I got the package you sent me yesterday. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I LOVE everything!!!!


Pam Speidel

FUNNY! I would have to agree that the WF is annoying. I've gotten a couple spam comments, but not enough to make me activate the word verification yet. Smiles 2 U! Pam :)

Marie Donnelly

Hilarious! Those are annoying, and sometimes amusing... but never so perfect as this one! Thanks for sharing!

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