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March 22, 2009


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mary grace

how lucky is Ben to have a friend like your daughter


Your daughter's card is touching, thoughtful, and came straight from the heart. Those kind gestures go a long way to comfort someone in need, and I'm sure Ben will benefit tremdendously from knowing people do care about his welfare. It's such a sad situation, but the way your daughter reached out to him will never be forgotten. She's a chip off the ole block by the looks of her card, but then she's had a great teacher to learn from too :)
Have a wonderful Sunday!


I was crying before I even read a thing--how sweet that Kelsey is following in her mom's footsteps by creating something out of love to help another feel better. It is a beautiful card.


What a great card Kelsey made. It is sure to bring her friend some comfort. Such a tough time. My heart goes out to Ben, his family and the community. xx


It sounds like you've done a wonderful job raising your daughter Tammy! What a caring young girl. (and I need to avoid your blog for a while bc I am crying AGAIN!)

Darlene (akronstamperdp)

Thanks so much for sharing not only Kelsey's awesome card with us but also the story from the kids at school. Nick sounded like a very funloving unique young man ... and I can see he will be missed greatly!
Please tell Kelsey that I think she's an extraordinary young lady for wanting to support and encourage Ben. Her kind of friendship is a real gift ... I'm sure he'll need her friendship greatly over the next several months.

Bev J.

Neat card your daughter made for her friend. Would be a hard burden to bear for someone (Ben) so young. Glad he and his family have lots of caring friends.


What a beautiful card your daughter made for her friend and so full of compassion and faith. I'm sure that it will bring him a great deal of comfort knowing that he has a friend with such great faith. Prayers continuing for this family and thank you for sharing their story so we can all pray for them daily.



Aw, I need a tissue. My heart just breaks for that family. Your daughter's card and her caring are so touching. How proud you must be.


You're raised her right, Tammy. What a caring young woman. Her card is beautiful and I'm sure the message inside will be a great comfort to her friend.

Mary G

Wow, what a tragic story! My thoughts and prayers go out to that family ~ what an awesome tradition they had each morning though. Sigh. And, what a wonderful thing for your daughter to do! I think you "done good" Tammy! :)

Sharon (notimetostamp)

What a wonderful card for your daughter to make -- and I'm sure making it helped her deal with her emotions as much as it will help and be of comfort to her friend. Prayers still going out to that entire family. Thank you for sharing.

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