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March 28, 2009


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Joan Fricker

Congratulations Tammy on your new house guest. This will be so fun for you and for your family. What a treat for the exchange student to be placed in your home. Maybe you can teach her a new craft!

Your cards are as cute as the can be too! Great job!



Great job on the cards!! Congrats on your new family addition. An exchange student souns like such a fabulous opportunity for you and your family! enjoy the time together!! Blessings and hugs!

Laura Pryor

Really great cards, Tammy! I always thought it would be so fun to host an exchange student. Kudos to you and your family! Enjoy and have fun!


Tammy, what an exciting opportunity! I can't wait to hear all about it!


Having a German last name will surely make this experince much more interesting for you guys!
On your first update (once you have time!) do tell where Anne is from.
I lived in Germany for 3 years and I'm curious :)

Wonderful cards (as usual!!!!!).
Enjoy your new life experience

Cindy's friend :)

Bev J.

Kudos to you for opening your home to this young lady. Hope all goes well. Great cards, especially the baby card-so cute!


Cute cards - good luck with your new addition!


If I lived closer, I'd be more than happy to help you clean! I wish you nothing but the best in your new adventure. I'm sure it will vastly improve the lives of each of you by having this experience! WTG! Your cards are all wonderful! Best wishes for the coming month!


Congratulations Tammy on your new guest.
What a wonderful adventure for all of your family.
I am sure everything will go smoothly, you said Anne has a very outgoing personality, so She will be in the perfect place.
Seems it was meant to be as you have a very awesome personality.
Please keep us informed.

wonderful cards as always.


Oh Tammy how exciting this is. I have given thought to doing something like this as well so your experience will be able to give me some insight. It sounds like Anne will fit right in with your family - have fun. Please keep us updated when you can on how things are going.


Ooh, I am so excited for you! Should be a fun time! Your cards are so sweet--LOVE the baby one!


Congrats on your new addition to your family! How very exciting!

Your cards are fabulous Tammy! Gorgeous work! xx

Marilyn Dittoe

OH, Tammy! How fun! The exact thing happened to us, except it was a wonderful boy from Brazil. Like your student, Marcelo came to us because his other host family didn't work out. He was one of the all-year-long exchange students and was with us from November through June, so we got very close to him. That was 10 years ago and we are still in contact with him! He has come back once and may be able to return again for our daughter's wedding this summer. This could turn out to be the experience of a lifetime for your family!

Jen Tapler

How exciting Tammy!!! You know, you should really reconsider posting news on facebook that begins with "we have a new addition being added to our family" and immediately moves into a conversation you're having with your oldest teenage mind was running wild with that one (but only for a minute!!)...I thought you sounded a little too chipper for my first inclination to be correct!!! ha!

Deb Saaranen

How exciting for you--we have had young men from South Korea and Japan live with us--they were cultural interns at our school, and we had them each at a time for most of the school year. So interesting for you and your family!

esther schattschneider

What a wonderful opportunity for your family and for Anne. I'm sure you will all adjust beautifully! She is a lucky young lady to have such a loving family as her home away from home for this time. Look forward to hearing all scoop!! es


Congratulations on being open to a new adventure. How much fun it must be to have daughters and I know she will LOVE you! We will be praying that all goes well. Many Blessings!!

Laura V

Beautiful cards, Tammy! Good luck with your new adventure!


What a great opportunity for you and your family Tammy! I am sure you and your family will have a wonderful 3 weeks!

Sharon (notimetostamp)

These are SO darling!




Hi Tammy! Man, you are talanted! Those cards are ADORABLE! If you would like to be on a DT, check out! We'd luv for you to be a part of our new team!

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