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March 01, 2009


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Well, I can't recall sharing a b'day with anyone, but I have a niece that her b'day is only a week from mine (but I'm 10 yrs older), so they would try to let us celebrate together. Can you imagine when I was 16 and they wanted me to share a birthday w/ a 6 yr old...ARRGGHHHH LOL


Happy Birthday Tammy! I share a birthday with Julia Roberts and Joaquin Phoenix. I don't know anyone personally who has the same birthday as me. Don't enter me in the drawing, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Susan H.

I share a birthday with Neil Young. I've loved his music for the last 30+ years and have been to a couple of his concerts.

Happy Bithday Tammy...I hope you have a great one!


hmm, don't know who I share a birthday with, but my sister shares one with our uncle! hope you have a wonderful day thanks for chance to win!!

Bev J.

Congrats on your birthday-hope it is a good one for you.

I can't think of anyone with the same Feb. 5 birthday but my husbands is Feb. 25 and several friends and family have February birthdays along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; so we are in good company!

Jessica G

Happy Birthday, Tammy!
My birthday shares the date with a not-so-wonderful day, 9/11. Oh, well! I know there are others out there in the same boat.

Gladys R.

Happy Birthday. I share my birthday with my grandfather and also Queen Elizabeth.

Sandy K

Happy Birthday! Hope your day is the best ever!!!
I was at the foot doctor Wednesday and the receptionist's and I share a birthday, August 6. I almost shared it with my husband. He was born 12 hours later but on August 7. Would you believe it, we were born in the same hospital. Have a wonderful day!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU I would sing but that wouldnt make for a good B-day for you LOL Hope you have a great day & year


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy 29th birthday dear Tammy!!!!!!!!, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope your day is a sweet as you are!!!! :)

Lynn Hayes

Gosh, I don't have any idea who has a birthday the same date as mine - however, I'm sure there are many! Happy birthday to YOU.
Lynn Hayes


I share my birthday with a fellow co-worker which is weird because there are only 8 employees! we are Sept 22 Virgos and could not be more different he is a complete slob (but, I love him) and I'm such a neat freak I drive myself crazy!!! I should also say I have a sister and a brother our birthdays are Sept 18, 19, & 22 my mom says that is what she got for Christmas pregnant and a pair of slippers LOL I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be

Sharon W

I don't share my birthday with anyone that I know, but happy birthday to you on yours.


Happy Birthday Tammy, hope your day and the year is filled with love, joy, health and peace.
I share a bday 11/8 with Kathrine Hepburn, Singer Bonnie Raitt and just read the game board pioneer Milton Bradly.


Happy Happy Birthday!!! 29th or whatever, it's only a number. Just enjoy!
I happen to share my BDay with one of my favorite artists of all time, Neil Diamond. Neil's 14 yrs older than me but he can still put on a great show.
[[[hugs]]] Jean ~

P.S. I'm lovin' my ink storage unit.

Lavonne (tweetygirl)

Happy birthday Tammy! I happen to share my birthday with my oldest daughter. She was born on my 25th! Since then I've met another mother/daughter who share their birthday in the same month as us (November).
Hope you have a great birthday!!! :)


Well I share my birthday with you Tammy and a cousin!

Rachel  Brumley

Happy Birthday Tammy!

I shared a birthday with a high school girfriend. We were very close but somehow once we graduated and married, we drifted apart.

Denise~Paper Ponderings

I share my birthday with one other person at sister and her daughter share a birthday like somebody mentioned in the comments too. Mine's Feb. 16th, so I just turned halfway to 90! (Boy, you should have heard my 87 year old grandma when I said, "I'm halfway to 90." She said, "Oh honey, don't say that!" I laughed and laughed!)


Happy Birthday!!!!!!
I share a birthday with Edward Furlong from Terminator 2! Also with a few friends!
Have a wonderful day!

Diane Clark

I don't share a birthday with anyone I know, but my mother and father-in-law's wedding anniversary is the same day as my birthday....does that count? Happy Birthday to YOU!!! and wishes for many more 29th birthdays!
diane clark

Mary R

Happy 29th Tammy! I share a birthday with my best friend from school's mother and a guy I grew up going to church with. I haven't seen the guy from my childhood church in years and I might see my friend's mother once a year but I still send them a handmade birthday card every year. Hope your day is fantastic!

Ida P. Krause

Happy Birthday - The 29th is my niece and my great-nephews birthday as well.

I share my birthday (March 20) with my Aunt Marge.
Hope your day is super special.


Happy Birthday Jammy! Thanks for the chance to win your candy. My birthday was on 17. February and I think I share it with Paris Hilton. :) But personaly I haven´t met anyone yet that has birthday on the same day as me.
x Natasha x

Glenda J - AZ

Happy Birthday to you!! I don't know anyone who shares my birthdate, but my daughter and grandson share the same birthday!

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