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April 01, 2009


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Denise~Paper Ponderings

Well I guessed over there that you were #10, but maybe I should have guessed #2??? I think somebody should say, "You have 8 right out of all of them" or however I did...although if I tried again, I'd probably do even worse!

JoAnn Burnhamj

I am guess #6 is you. This is a hard one to guess all of them correctly.

JoAnn Burnhamj

I hit the wrong key. I meant to guess #5.


Okay, it has to be #3--right????!!!! I guessed earlier, I wonder where THAT post went??!


OK, I'm guessing #9.

Marian Balsamo

I think that it's number 7


I'm going to tag you to photo #10!! I guess if we keep going... someone (the 12th?) person will get it by process of elimination! hehehehe... Who would have thought this would be soooo hard! I'm looking at smiles and baby eyebrows... Yikes.

Thanks for the cute idea. This was fun.

Kim Howard

I'm pretty sure you are #9


I can't tell you how much time I spent trying to guess who everyone is! ;P I guessed that #6 is you. Am I right? ;)


ok I am going to go with my lucky number which is #7, I don't think I am right but hay no harm in trying right


Ok, let's go with #11


OMWord...I have two sick kids...I'm a legit slacker! I'd guess #3 :-) Will you stil love me if I guess wrong???

susan in FL

You are number 6.


I'd say 5 would be right - the smile looks the same and the eyes and brows are set the same.


I am going with #5?!?


#11 is my guess.... They are all so cute...


jami {sgtStamper}

Well, my guess is #3! You were all cute babies!!


I think you are #11

Mary O'Connell

Boy, this is a tough one. I'm going to guess #2. Can't wait to find out the correct answer!


I am thinking that you are number 3!! It was kinda hard because some of the pictures didn't allow you to see the faces to good, but I am feeling pretty confident about #3!!


I'm guessing #5...this was tough!

Susan M

I am going with number 5 I think it also resembles your girls.

Sharon Sweat

I think you are #10!

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