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June 08, 2009


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Darlene (akronstamperdpk)

I would say the answer to your dilema is REST! You have certainly been over extending yourself these past few weeks and I'm sure you are exhausted! Take a DAY OFF from everything and your mojo will return before you know it!!


Aw, I think this card is very cute---I LOVE the color combo. And that polka dot panel is very cheerful! I agree with Darlene, you just need to take a break!


I don't care if you did case it, it's darling!! And you know I agree with Dar and LeAnne! Give yourself a break!!


Your card is precious, Tammy!!

Take care of yourself, girl!! Just try to keep life simple for a while and catch yourself a breather!!


CASE'd or not, this card is just adorable, Tammy! You are doing the right thing...whenever I have misplaced my mojo, I look for inspiration to help...and you have done this wonderfully! You just take care of yourself, relax and it will all come back..VERY soon I am sure, Tammy!!


Oh it's so sweet! Your mojo? Taking a much needed vacation! It'll be back before you know it! Casing is the way to go!

Paula C

I LOVE this...absolutely, FREAKING, ADORABLE!

Julie Masse

It's totally cute Tammy!! Love the color combo! :)


This is so cute. Love the sketch.

Angela Knopf

Sometimes Mojos need a vacation too. *wink (Although I don't think this is the issue here.) I can totally relate to the feeling though. I have to say, this set is one of my absolute Favorites! I seriously LOVE it, so therefore, I think one can do no wrong with the chicks. Yay You!

Carol L

I see lotsa mojo here on this cute little card, but I understand exactly how you feel! I think my mojo went out to luch with yours and forgot how to find its way back home! LOL We'll find it again I'm sure:) Blame it on the warm weather and wanting to be outdoors now:)


I think your card is adorable! I don't see any mojo lost from it ;)
Summer is always busy with other things in our life. Hope the things are slow down and your mojo will be back again :)

Chris Olsen

Tammy, your work is such an inspiration. It is hard to believe that you would lose any mojo. All your creations are fab!! Love this case!! What a cute chick!! Love your design and colors! Have a relaxing weekend!

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